[It'S SKIN] Babyface creamy lipliner


Brand It'S SKIN

Creamy texture makes vivid color and colorful lips. It contains vegetabvle wax to protect lips aginst dryness. Lip brush creates even gradation simply.


#01 Pure Red, #02 Coral Peach, #03 Angel Pink, #04 Rose Beige

Size: 0.25g

[How to Use]

STEP 1. Preparing clean and clear lips Before lining lips, apply lip balm or cream on dry lips, press lightly with tissue, powder or pact and start lip makeup. STEP 2. Choosing lip liner matching lipstick Choose similar color of lip liner matching lipstick shade. When you express more vivid lip lines, apply deeper shade of lip liner. STEP 3. Lining lips Line lips to outer directions on the center of upper lip and do along the same way for lower lips. STEP 4. Fill lip color Fill lip color to inner direction on the edge of lip lines. STEP 5. Remove borders Naturally mix lower part of lip liner with lipstick to prevent from dividing lines between lip lines and lipstick color

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