[IOPE] Super Vital Eye Cream Extra Concentrated


Brand IOPE

Eyes and skin elasticity, fine lines and dryness that address child through enriched core component focused on care creams. eyes that enhance skin elasticity concentrated extract of herbs and Robert amentoflavone ingredients that care for wrinkles around the eyes is delicate eye area skin care helps. affinity with the skin irritation is less vegetable squalane ingredient is absorbed gently on the eyes delivers an insufficient nutrients quickly. Gently close the eyes while giving the skin elasticity formulation, condensation to dry thin skin helps to keep the old oil and moisture balance of the skin around the eyes and easy.

Size: 25ml

[How to Use]

After using the serum and toner in the morning/evening, put a small amount on you fingertip. Let it melt by rubbing it with another fingertip. Gently apply by drawing dircles below your eyes to relieve puffiness.

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