[IOPE] Super Vital Cushion


Brand IOPE

[IOPE] Super Vital Cushion

Size: 16g*2


??Anti-aging cushion to restore the elastic radiance of the skin It contains Bio-glycan ??component from IOPE Super Vital Line, and deeply nourishes the skin and boosts the elasticity and radiance of the skin, and helps the skin to stay healthy by antioxidant action of the gold plant complex.

??What is Bio-glycan ?? Based on the next generation bioscience * glycobiology, it is a key complex component that strengthens skin vitality.

??Covers skin flaws perfectly without fine wrinkles, freckles and blemishes In order to increase the covering power of the makeup, with the layer cover technology makes the cover component dispersed in the moisturizing layer and the oil layer at the same time, it increases the covering power with glossiness and moisturizing effect as you tab, as well as covering fine wrinkles, freckles and blemishes.

??Expresses elastic radiant skin with luxurious glow Gold color fine pearl that adds radiance to the skin and smooth glow of radiant oil produce luxurious and elastic skin.

How to use

??After basic, use it on the makeup based or the foundation stage, or apply in the afternoon when you need sun block or when you do a change makeup, apply on top. (Before and after makeup)

??Before Makeup

Take a sufficient amount of the contents into the puff and tap it along the skin texture.

??After Makeup

Pour the contents into the puff and apply them lightly.

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