[IOPE] Super Vital Base Cushion

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Brand IOPE

[IOPE] Super Vital Base Cushion

Size: 14g

_Tone correction effect luminously with 4 colors without the skin flaws Four colors of various effects that cover the color defects of the skin are blended in the optimum ratio with Color Blending Technology ?? which corrects individual skin color flaws and creates a luminous skin tone

_Covers skin irregularities to produce a smooth skin texture With Smooth Skin Fit Powder, it turns the irregularity of the skin into a smooth skin texture, and as it contains Bio-glycan??component of Super Vital line, it enhances the elasticity and gloss of the skin and makes the skin healthy.

_A long lasting effect with high adherence effect without makeup wearing off Double Fitting Layer is used to make smooth skin with wax layer and film layer, and it enhances the make-up adherence effect of the next step, so the makeup is maintained for a long time without wearing off.

How to Use

After basic, use it on the makeup based, or apply on the area you want highlight after makeup. (possible to use before and after makeup)

Before Makeup

Take a sufficient amount of the contents into the puff and tap it as if you are pushing along the skin texture.

After Makeup

Pour the contents into the puff and apply them around T zone and U zone by tabbing lightly to highlight the skin luminously.


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