[IOPE] Perfect Defining Eyeliner


Brand IOPE

To complete the eye with bright natural elastic brush, soft delicate. This is the eyeliner brush pen type that cooks moist and crisp eyeliner that dull the characteristics of the contents of moist and a brush and soft delicate. Draw a delicate line is designed to structure the contents of which are suitable to draw the eye line without adjustment use innovation and design contents in drawing simple adjustment of content that need to be come out naturally use that is roll form design of wrinkles position that is easy to draw the most eye liner suitable for, innovation and design. You can bright young black color shiny natural and clear, and to direct the eye with a lively artless.


#01 Black, #02 Brown

Size: 0.6g

[How to Use]

Draw gently onto eyes. For the initial use, spin the bottom portion of the pen until the contents emerges.

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