[innisfree] Camellia Bubble Hair Color(4 Colors)


Brand innisfree

Soft and firm bubbles with light pump giving shampoo easy self application even hair color. Reduce smell, for scalp and non-ammonia, non-tar dye, no silicone oil, mineral oil free formulation. Jeju camellia oil and sun flower oil threatment and serum give silky hair after coloring. 1. Combine content 1 into content 2 . 2. Shake the container left ; right with circular motion more than 10 times. 3. Wear provided gloves and pump 2-3 times for bubbles on your hand. 4. Apply bubbles evenly onto your hair. Start from top til hair root. 5. Suggestion for better color result : (Short til Shoulder lenght =1 bubble hair dye , Long ; thick hair = 1 ; half bottle hair dye / 2 bottles)

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