[Innisfree] Bija Trouble Spot Clear (10ea Stick+24 Patches)

$9.35 $7.94

Brand Innisfree

Trouble Spot Patches ; Stick.

Size: 10ea Stick+24 Patches

1. Bija Spot Clear Stick

Bija oil and AHA ingredients contained in transparent liquid formula which is quickly absorbed to spot area and soothes the spot.

Single-use package for simple usage in a sanitary way.


2. ADF Hydro Colloid dressing (sanitary aid)

Patch with hydro colloid texture maintain appropriate humidity for protecting spot area.


[How To Use]

[Spot stick]
1. Grab the swab with the external container heading upwards.
2. Twist the swab grabing the external container and lift the exteranl container up slightly till the content fall down.
3. Tap spot area with the inner swab that is wet with contents for soothing and wipe off the residual with another swab.

[Spot patch]
Dry the trouble area after clearing there clearly.
Separate the protecting pater from the patch and apply it on trouble spot.
Exchange it with new one when the applied patch turns to white.
Apply 1ea on the spot 1 time to several times a day.

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