[Holika Holika] Wonder Drawing Dot Liner


Brand Holika Holika

The Wonder Drawing Dot Liner is a pen type with a soft flocked tip. Dot the eyeline using the three-pronged tip.


#01 Black, #02 Brown

Size: 15g

[How to Use]

Method 1. Create a natural eyeline by dotting! - Lift the three-pronged tip bottom up and dot between eyelashes. Fill in the space between the eyelashes to make your eyes look natural yet distinct. Method 2. Make your eyes look 2 times bigger Line your eyes as if you are using a pen. Fill in the space between the eyelashes. This is a pen type that allows even the beginners in make-up to adjust the width of the eyeline and draw a straight and distinct eyeline. Filling the spaces between the eyelashes will make your eyes look distinct and 2 times bigger.

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