[Holika Holika] Sweet Cotton Pore Powder_Gudetama edition

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Brand Holika Holika

[Holika Holika] Sweet Cotton Pore Powder_Gudetama edition


Decorative makeup line Sweet Cotton Pore Cover is based on cotton extract. All ingredients__in this series have been designed especially for__problematic, oily or combination skin types.

Cotton - is a time-tested ingredient that intensely nourishes the skin making it softer and velvety to the touch. It controls the secretion of the sebaceous glands, preventing greasy shine and do not__clogging the pores, allowing the skin to obtain oxygen, normalizes metabolism at the cellular level, and evens out the skin__tone.

Zinc Oxide - helps control the production of skin sebum and it is a powerful antiseptic which reduces inflammation and irritation, strengthens the skin's barrier function.

Purslane and lotus extracts are fighting__with the appearance of wrinkles, increases skin regeneration and makes it more elastic.

Sweet Cotton Pore Cover Powder - a protective covering for people who prefer a light, loose texture (sets makeup base for all day). This helps equalize the natural skin tone, effectively conceals enlarged pores. Increases BB-cream's and foundation's resistance, enhances its masking properties. It regulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands, making the skin soft to the touch.


At the last step of the makeup, use puff or powder brush to apply onto face.__

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