[Holika Holika] Smooth Egg Skin Soap (Red Clay) 50gx2


Brand Holika Holika

[Holika Holika] Smooth Egg Skin Soap (Red Clay) 50gx2

Size: 50gx2 eggs

Handmade soap in the form of eggs for skin deep cleansing from dirt, sebum and make-up.__Soap refreshes the skin, regulates sebum and gives the skin a matte finish, eliminating black spots, removes dull complexion, gently cleanses sensitive skin, reduces inflammation and makes the skin smooth, healthy and radiant. Soap solves various skin problems depending on the ingredients__and color of the soap.__3 in 1 soap is very practical because it includes cleansing__foam, soap and a mask.

Smooth Egg Red Clay Egg Soap__(brown__egg) -__soap with red clay:__cleans clogged pores and soothes irritated skin, normalizes the sebaceous glands. Red clay reduces allergic reactions, stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, improves oxygenation of the skin.__Suitable for those with dry and combination skin.


Using it as a soap - lather foam using warm water, gently massage your face and cleanse.

Using it as a bubble cleansing foam - lather foam and apply all over your face, avoiding the eye and mouth areas. Gently and slowly massage your face until the foam feels like fine cream to the touch and then rinse off.

Using as a mask -__to enhance the effect of the soap it can be used as a mask (1-2 times per week).__Apply foam to wet skin and leave for 10 minutes, rinse with warm water.

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