[Holika Holika] PRO:BEAUTY Tint Tok


Brand Holika Holika

Cushion Tint ; Lip Balm Duo for Trendy Gradient Lip Make up. Cushion tint: taps your lip like stamp. Lip balm: vegetable oil complex (rose hip + hohoba + sweet almond +subflower + argan oils) Blooming flower complex: cherry blossoms + magnolia liliflora + lotus + damask rose extracts)


RD801 Young Red, OR201 Really Orange , CR301 Baby Mango, PK101 Adult Only, PK102 Ladies Pick, PK103 Romantic Spring, PP701 Candy Orchid

Size: 1.7g

[How to Use]

Apply an adequate amount on the lips depending on the look you want.

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