[Holika Holika] Prime Youth White Snail Tone Up Cream


Brand Holika Holika

[Holika Holika] Prime Youth White Snail Tone Up Cream

Size: 50ml

Restores bright skin tone, significantly improves skin tone, removing the gray, dull tone.

It gives the skin a glamorous, fresh glow. Increases elasticity and fimness of the skin, triggers the regeneration processes and cell renewal, thanks to the filtrate snail mucin.

Provides skin hydration, improving skin tone, improves the complexion and gives radiant, fresh and healthly look.

The line contains an extract of white snail mucin, its nourishing effect more than an ordinary snail mucin 10 tiems.

Restores and improves skin, resolves stagnant spots; restores the quality of collagen and elastin fivers of the skin; rejuvenates and tightens skin.

Pearl extract helps maintain the skin's moisture and prevents dryness, its crystalline structure reflects UV radiation.

Alpha-bisabolol soothes and calms the skin and has anti-inflammatory effect, makes skin smooth, has anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial effect.

How to use

Last step of skin care, use spatula to get right amount and apply onto face, use hands to wrap and press gently for absorption.

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