[Holika Holika] Prime Youth Bird's Nest Gold Leaf Cream


Brand Holika Holika

This concentrated facial cream infused with the chinese emperor's beloved swallow nest and colloidal gold provides skin radiance. Also pure gold will rejuvenate, improve your skin tone. Precious ingredient, Bird's nest: From old time considered the finest materials from the Bird's nest known as the ingredient that provides the nourishes and health of skin. The bird's nest is rich in protein constituent amino acids. Gold bird's nest extract to promote the skin circulation and thereby the skin moisture. And, given the nutrients to the skin makes the skin healthy.

Size: 55ml

[How to Use]

1. Use a spatual in a vertical position to take cream and gold particles together, melt them with the warmth of your fingertips and massage gently into the skin. 2. After rubbing your hands together, cover your face with your hands for 20 seconds to allow your skin to absorb.

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