[Holika Holika] Floral Shea Hand Cream


Brand Holika Holika

#01 Rose (Love and Passion): Shea Butter (10,000 mg), Bulgarian rose water infusion (1,000 mg). Charming passionate fragrance of roses. #02 Freesia (Adorably Innocent): Shea Butter (10,000 mg), Freesia (1000mg). Sweet scent of freesia. #03 Lavender (Bloomed In Silence): Shea Butter (10,000ppm), lavender extract (1,000 mg). Elegant and clear scent of lavender. #04 Cherry Blossom (Glorious Maiden)Shea Butter (10,000 mg), cherry extract (1,000ppm). Gorgeous cherry flavor. #05 Ctton Flower (Most Intimate): Shea Butter (10,000 mg), cotton (1000mg). Mild aroma of cotton.


#01 Rose, #02 Freesia, #03 Lavender, #04 Cherry Blossom, #05 Cotton Flower

Size: 30ml

[How to Use]

Apply the cream to clean hand, massaging softly.

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