[HERA] Zeal Eau De Parfum For Women

$44.96 $40.46

Brand HERA

A mysterious, sensual perfume that embodies unforgettable allure of the femme fatale with a delicate blend of musk and floral scent. A voluptuous fragrance that conjures up a sensual image A mysterious, alluring perfume with a blend of muscone (main ingredient of musk) base that enchants men like pheromones and a green floral scent that awakens your natural, pure and passionate sensuality. Design reminiscent of the story about the Greek goddess Hera Feel like a goddess with the design of a cap that reinterpreted the ancient Greek architecture-style pillar from a modern viewpoint and a bottle inspired from the dress of a goddess blowing in the wind together with mysterious and alluring fragrance. Name that expresses the passion for life Zeal means passion or enthusiasm in English. It represents the ethos of women who are confident and dignified.

Size: 40ml

[How to Use]

Spray on pulse points, such as those behind the ears and the wrist when going outside to announce your presence with a delicate scent.

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