[HERA] Waterin Roll-On Eye Serum

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Brand HERA

A gel-type eye serum that soothes the tired skin around the eyes with the help of firm moisture film and roll-on massage. Oasis-inspired skin moisturization Carob that can survive for over 25 years in an extremely dry and barren environment has its own secret of retaining moisture. Its secret is pinitol, a stable ingredient capable of regulating the level of moisture in the plant structure without being affected by environmental conditions, such as cold, stress or drought. WATERIN contains pinitol extract from carob to quench the thirst of the skin and redress its moisture balance for skin that retains moisture. Get dewy, moisturized skin with nature-inspired WATERIN. An excellent combination of moisture-rich gel essence and roll-on applicator WATERIN ROLL-ON EYE SERUM is an eye skincare product that moisturizes and soothes the dry, tired skin around the eyes with the help of moisture-rich gel serum full of essence like sheet mask and one-ball roll-on applicator. It forms a moisture film around the skin close to the eyes to protect the skin. The highly-moisturizing molecule Biosaccharide Gum-1 works together with the liquid lipid film complex to form a moisture film on the skin close to the eyes and strengthen the skins moisture shield to protect the delicate skin around the eyes. Plus, oat extract with strong vitality fills the skin with moisture while yeast extract takes care of any bags under the eyes to keep the skin comfortable. Convenient roll-on applicator With a mechanical pencil-like applicator, you can massage the wide area around the eyes while cooling down eyes that have become tired and puffy.

Size: 15ml

[How to Use]

Screw the back of the product in the OPEN direction before use. Pump the back of the product once and, when the serum comes out, use the metal ball at the tip to roll around the skin close to the eyes in circle to massage. After you're done with massage, finish up by patting lightly. Screw the back of the product in the CLOSE direction after use.

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