[HERA] Waterin Gel Cream

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Brand HERA

An intensive hydrating gel cream for skin filled with moiture. Oasis-inspired skin moisturizer Carob that can survive for over 25 years in an extremely dry and barren environment has its own secret of retaining moisture. Its secret is pinitol, a stable ingredient capable of regulating the level of moisture in the plant structure without being affected by environmental conditions, such as cold, stress or drought. WATERIN contains pinitol extract from carob to quench the thirst of the skin and redress its moisture balance for skin that retains moisture. Get dewy, moisturized skin with nature-inspired WATERIN. Skin soothing and skin barrier strengthening effects -Glucan extracted from schizophyllum commune soothes skin tired from stress while a complex of reed and wolfiporia cocos extract strengthens the skin barrier to prevent moisture loss. Refreshing gel texture A refreshing, translucent gel-textured cream gives the sense of fresh moisture to the skin like cool breeze brushing the skin. WATERIN GEL CREAM's unique Water Drawing System is a moisture network formed from hydrogel that moisturizes the skin fast and fills the skin with moisture from deep within.

Size: 50ml

[How to Use]

Use after applying the essence when doing your basic skincare routine in the morning/evening. Put an adequate amount on your palm or the back of your hand, apply all across your face and cup your face lightly to help the skin absorb the effective ingredients.

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