[HERA] Silky Cleansing Mousse

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Brand HERA

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Rich, soft whipped cream-like foam. It is a one-step mousse-type cleanser that removes light makeup and impurities in one go with a rich, soft whipped cream-like foam. Easy-to-use one-step cleansing with microsized foam. Long-lasting, fine textured foam removes any impurities stacked deep in pores. The size of foam made by the CLEANSING MOUSSE is about 50 micrometer, which is smaller than the size of the pores, meaning it can remove deep-seated impurities from inside. Massage the skin with carbonated bubble to improve its elasticity. Massaging the skin with carbonated bubbles stimulates blood circulation to help the skin recover its firmness and cleanness.

Size: 150ml

[How to Use]

Shake the product for about 30 seconds before first use, and shake it about 2-3 times afterwards. Pump the product while it is kept straight to take out the size of a table tennis ball (1.5 ml). Apply all across the dry face and gently massage. Roll around the skin for about 20 seconds until foam dies down and then, wash the face with lukewarm water.

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