[HERA] Sheer Holic Pop Tint


Brand HERA

A tint gloss that provides vibrant and eye-popping color to the lips with a light-touch refreshing formula. One Touch ? lightweight, fresh texture Its O/W formula feels lighter and fresher on the lips than conventional thick, heavy lip gloss. Two Touch ? vibrant neon color and moistureIt delivers an eye-popping neon color with non-drying texture to your lips. Three Touch ? saturating the lips with color This new top coat-like tint combines the shine of a lip gloss and the long-wear color of a tint.


No.01 Marilyn Pink, No.02 Mandarin Tango

Size: 6ml

[How to Use]

It colors your lips with one touch like a tint, adds gloss with two touches like a lip gloss and gives more vivid color like that of a rouge with three touches.

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