[HERA] Rouge Holic Liquid


Brand HERA

A skin-fitting liquid rouge that delivers vibrant rich color and creamy texture creating satin-like lips. Delicate color and satin texture in a single stroke The solid velvet formula of 3D Polymeric Gel colors the lips with a single touch without any lip creases and provides sleek finishes like satin. A specialized blend of lipstick and lipgloss 'Powder Printing Technology' that contains a high content of silk powder provides long-wear color in a thin layer without feeling thicker or heavier like lipstick or sticky like lip gloss. Moisturizing and anti-oxidative effect Shea butter, a powerful skin moisturizer, keeps the lips moist inside and soft outside while anti-oxidative red wine polyphenols remove any dirt and toxic substances from the lips to make them look clearer and healthier.


#17 Maximum, #03 Fashion Pink, #08 Pink Privilege, #45 Starry Purple

Size: 5g

[How to Use]

Get appropriate amount and apply onto lips following its natural shape. Reapply accordingly to get desired look.

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