[HERA] Modifier

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Brand HERA

HERA's cell science for beautiful skin is summarized in MODIFIER. In 2003, MOIDIFIER proposed a new paradigm of anti-aging and since then has undergone innovation through continuous research into ways to create the young and beautiful skin of Korean women. Now, experience the new world of HERA MODIFIER that has been taken to a higher level with HERA's main anti-aging heritage ingredient Bio ERP and skin cell-mimicking Abcell 2.0. HERA identified a warning sign of skin aging ? sagging pores Through research into the younger-looking skin of women across the world, HERA ascertained the importance of wrinkles, skin firmness and pores in skin aging. HERA found that pores become more noticeable with age and, when round pores droop down, they start to look more like wrinkles. HERA MODIFIER is a new anti-aging solution that improves skin firmness, tightens pores and reduces wrinkles for skin that stays younger-looking. Cell-Bio Layer Belt strengthens the core of the skin Through in-depth research into the skin and pores, HERA focused on a special central layer of the skin that supports the skin's elasticity, called the core of the skin. When this core of the skin weakens, it can weaken the pores and skin and, as a result, speed up the skins aging process. HERA MODIFIER builds up the strength of the skin's core with the innovative Cell-Bio Layer Belt for smooth and firm skin that is beautifully lifted. Complete firm, smooth and younger-looking skin. Improve skin firmness, tighten pores and reduces wrinkles for smooth, firm and younger-looking skin.

Size: 40ml

[How to Use]

Spread on the face, working from inside outwards after using the emulsion. Lightly pat on the whole face to help the skin absorb the effective ingredients, and use all five fingers to massage the skin around the cheekbones like you're pulling up the skin.

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