[HERA] Magic Starter


Brand HERA

An all-in-one start cream that delivers moisture deep into the skin to create a smooth, moisturized complexion that helps your makeup stay in place for longer. Like magic! Create an ideal canvas for makeup Powered with trehalose and moisturizing ingredients, it fills the skin with moisture as soon as you put it on. It creates the kind of smooth and even skin that helps makeup stay better in place. Translucent Cover that fits on the skin like magic It gives the skin a transparent, radiant glow through clear, translucent coverage and intense light reflection to help foundation glide on and stay color-true, rather than thick, cakey color correction. Magnet-coating effect that holds makeup in place like magic The powder particles magnet effect mimics the powerfully sticky feet of a gecko lizard to help it hold makeup in place better and for longer.


#01 First Radiance, #02 Inner Glow, #03 Blooming Moisture

Size: 50ml

[How to Use]

Pump twice to take a pea-sized amount on the back of your hand after your basic skincare routine. Dab small dots of the product on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. Use your middle and ring fingers to spread it over the skin.

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