[HERA] Homme Purifying Cleansing Foam

$30.80 $27.72

Brand HERA

A refreshing creamy cleansing foam that can be used as facial cleanser and shaving cream. MULTI-ACTION CLEANSING ; SHAVING This dual cleansing foam cleanses deep down into the skin with fine-textured, rich bubbles, while its polymer ingredient keeps the skin smooth and comfortable during shaving. Mild amino acid type cleansing ingredients remove excess sebum and dirt from the skin, while menthol ingredient cools down and soothes skin thats become damaged from shaving.

Size: 150ml

[How to Use]

Wash the face with lukewarm water, take an adequate amount on the hands to make a lather and gently massage the face with it in a circle motion. Thoroughly massage the T-zone (forehead and bridge of the nose) where excess sebum is produced. Use lukewarm water to rinse off the cleansing foam and wash the face again with cold water.

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