[HERA] Homme Magic Skin Cream

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Brand HERA

A total anti-aging cream that enhances skin-vitalizing factors for youthful mens skin. ULTIMATE WRINKLE CORRECTING This anti-aging cream forms a protection layer on the skin to protect it against external irritants and stress. Japanese apricot extract revitalizes men's skin tired from external irritants and stress to strengthen the natural defensive power of the skin. Beta-Glucan soothes damaged skin and infuses life for skin that is healthy and firm. Shea Butter soothes skin tired from stress to help it retain moisture and keep it glowing with good health.

Size: 50ml

[How to Use]

Take an adequate amount on the back of your hand in the last step of your basic skincare routine. Spread over your face starting from the forehead to the nose, cheeks and chin, working from the inside outward using your fingertips.

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