[HERA] Generlash Volume Mascara

$37.50 $33.75

Brand HERA

Double-volume mascara for luxuriant eyelashes. Lightweight volume presented by Generlash Volume Technology Generlash Volume Technology delivers moisture as soft pudding and rich in nourishment. It keeps eyelashes from losing moisture and provides natural-looking volume that enhances the fullness each time it is applied. Volume filled with nourishment that keeps the eyelashes healthy It contains the same nutritious ingredients as VOLUMER (vitamin B complex, Generlash Composite). Inner volume with energy delivered deep into the root of the eyelashes Superfine medical brush that allows application right from the root of the eyelashes A distinguishing superfine brush that delivers nutritious ingredients deep into the root of the eyelashes for the better absorption of nourishment and clump-free volume.


Size: 10g

[How to Use]

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