[HERA] Eye Brightener SPF35/PA++

$37.50 $35.45

Brand HERA

An anti-wrinkle eye brighter that whitens and protects the skin against UV rays for a bright skin tone. A brightener that works to brighten up dull-looking skin tone It effectively blocks harmful UV rays that cause skin dullness and aging, while also brightening up dull-looking skin tone with the help of arbutin. It is a highly functional eye brightener effective at brightening the dark circles under the eyes. A moist finish with hydration and moisture field-forming effects It covers skin imperfections, immediately revitalizing and brightening up dry, dull-looking skin. It moisturizes the skin while forming a shield of moisture to leave a moist finish while preventing moisture loss. Plus, it firms up and keeps the skin around the eyes area moisturized all day long. Convenient to use and carry around It is a brush-on type, allowing you to easily use on small areas and reapply on top of makeup without getting cakey.

Size: 2.5ml

[How to Use]

For first use, pump the back of the product 3-4 times to saturate the brush.

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