[HERA] Eau De Beaute Blossom

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Brand HERA

A body fragrance that creates an image of a sophisticated, elegant woman in full bloom. Eau de Beaute means beauty water and HERA's Eau de Beaute is a luxurious body fragrance that accentuates female beauty. It is a modern, sophisticated fragrance for women who shine with self-esteem. An alluring fragrance of Eau de Beaute developed in association with a famous perfumery at Firmenich, one of the world's three largest perfumeries puts forth when it touches the skin to leave a delicate, deep scent. Eau de Beaute expresses the sophisticated, elegance of women in full blossom. Top Note: a fresh top note redolent of crystal is combined with sweet scent of orange and tangy red fruit. Middle Note: a rich white floral bouquet note of peony, jasmine and tuberose adds feminine sensuality. Base Note: an alluring chypre note built upon the light fragrance of praline and amber to accentuate your elegance and femininity.

Size: 100ml

[How to Use]

Spray on pulse points, such as those behind the ears and the wrist when going outside to announce your presence with a delicate scent.

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