[HERA] Aquabolic Moisturizing Water

$49.35 $44.42

Brand HERA

A moisturizing skin toner that contains essential nutrients. A gel-type skin toner that instantly moisturizes the skin. A moisture-rich, essential skin toner with essence-like moisturizing ingredients that instantly and thoroughly permeate into the skin. Lecithin forms a skin-like structure to create skin-friendly condition. Lecithin is known to form a lamella crystalline structure that moisturizes and strengthens the horny layer to help the skin retain moisture. A moist-textured skin toner that gets absorbed quickly and deeply into the skin.

Size: 150ml

[How to Use]

Put an adequate amount on your palm or cotton pad after washing the face in the morning/evening and apply evenly over the face. Put an adequate amount on the cotton pad and gently wipe around the face to help the skin stay smooth.

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