[HERA] Aquabolic Balancing Emulsion

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Brand HERA

A refreshing emulsion that maintains the skins optimal oil-moisture balance, which is often neglected. AQUABOLIC BALANCING EMULSION is a refreshing, non-sticky emulsion that leaves the skin smooth and balanced. Contains phytosqualane and porous powder Phytosqualane extracted from olives instantly moisturizes the skin while transparent porous powder charged with both oil and moisture leaves the skin feeling revitalized and refreshed. Passed non-comedogenic test It gives elasticity to skin that sags due to excess sebum. It has passed non-comedogenic testing, which indicates that it does not cause skin trouble.

Size: 120ml

[How to Use]

Put an adequate amount on your palm or cotton pad after washing the face in the morning/evening and apply evenly over the face.

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