[HERA] Age Away Intensive Eye Cream

$97.72 $87.95

Brand HERA

A wrinkle improvement eye cream that moisturizes and firms up the skin around the eyes. A soft cream-like textured eye cream that keeps the skin around the eyes moisturized with an ingredient extracted from green peas to improve the elasticity of the delicate skin close to the eyes. It glides on the skin and gets absorbed fast, leaving the skin feeling moisturized and firmed up. It is a pump type anti-aging eye cream designed for convenience, storage and good hygiene.

Size: 25ml

[How to Use]

Pump HERA AGE AWAY INTENSIVE EYE CREAM once and apply on the eyelids and under the eyes. Use your middle and ring fingers to heat up the product to body temperature while lightly patting until it gets absorbed.

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