[GOODAL] Nature Ample Mask



[GOODAL] Nature Ample Mask

Size: 30ml

Concept : The mask contains one bottle of concentrated ampoule obtained from nature

1. Mask contains a full bottle of concentrated ampoule derived from nature A full bottle of concentrated plant-derived ampoule, which is obtained by filtering effective substances from fresh natural ingredients, provides moisture and nourishment to skin.
2. 100 percent plant-derived fabric mask The gently-adhering skin-friendly mask contains effective substances as it is made of plant-derived moisture and fibre, which serves as a passage of nourishment.
3. Purification mask made of carefully-selected Korean ingredients Provides pristine natural energy to the skin by using carefully selected ingredients from Korea

- Moisturising [Jeju aloe] Jeju aloe soothes and moisturises skin. Coconut Water, Coconut Fruit Juice, Chamomile Flower Water, Rosemary Flower Water, and Chrysanthellum Indicum Flower Water moisturises skin.

- Whitening [Silk] Silk amino acid extracted from Korean silk worms makes dull skin look clear and bright. Pearl Extract And White Flower Complex (containing Magnolia, morning glory, daisy, Paeonia Albiflora, Sambucus Nigra, Honeysuckle, Chamomile, and Jasmine) make skin look bright and clear. [Whitening function]

- Nourishing [Jeju Camellia] Jeju Camellia Seed Oil promotes healthy skin with the nourishment that is needed for intensive skincare. Blueberry and Raspberry provides vitality to the skin, and Macadamia Nut Oil and Shea Butter makes skin look radiant and healthy.

- Firming [6-year old ginseng root] 6-year old Korean ginseng roots provide radiance and elasticity to skin. Collagen and Fermented Beans provide elasticity to skin, and Amino Acid Complex firms up skin by providing nourishment. [Wrinkle improvement function]

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