[GOODAL] Double Bright Cleansing Oil



[GOODAL] Double Bright Cleansing Oil

Size: 150ml

Brightening Cleansing Oil makes dull skin look clear and bright after cleansing the face.
(1) Bright Cleansing makes dull skin look clear : White Poeny brightening ingredient provides a brightening effect to dull skin, and plant-derived oil ( Rice Bran, Rosehip Oil ) removes makeup, impurities, and dead skin cells, leaving skin feeling moisturized.
(2) Feather-light Washable Type easily melts with water : This wash-off type product effectively cleanses the face as it melts well with water without leaving any makeup residue or a sticky feel after washing the face.
(3) More moisture and less grease! Light texture Fine oil particles effectively remove fine impurities and blackheads from skin, and the feather-light texture does not leave any oily feel after washing the face.

[How to use]
1. Cleansing Oil in feather-light texture Apply a suitable amount of oil on the face
2. Massage gently, Micro cleansing oil in fine particles gently melts away heavy point makeup and waterproof eyeliner without irritation.
3. Washable type washes away by water! Effectively washes away makeup residue as it melts by water without leaving any oily residue or sticky feel behind

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