[GOODAL] Double Bright 7days Whitening Ample

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[GOODAL] Double Bright 7days Whitening Ample

Size: 3ml*7ea

An intense brightening Facial Serum that promotes bright and clear skin with vitamin C (One week whitening program)

*Product Details:
??Visibly improves the appearance of dark spots and boosts radiance in 7 days
??Contains Paeonia Japonica for an intense whitening effect
??Reduces excess pigmentation and prevents further melanin production
??Vitamin B3 & Vitamin C derivatives help brighten up dull complexions

*How to use:
1. Whitening-C Ampoule (1~6 days)
Use Morning & Night after toner, apply a small amount and evenly spread over the face.
2. D-day Ampoule (last day)
When you finish 'Whitening-C Ampoule' follow with 'D-day Ampoule' for a more dramatic brightening result.

*This kit includes:
??Whitening-C Ampoule(3ml) * 6 bottles
??D-day Ampoule(3ml)

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