[GOODAL] Black Charcoal Mask



[GOODAL] Black Charcoal Mask

Size: Oxygen Radiance :30ml ??/ ??Soda Clearing :20ml

1. Black charcoal fabric mask. This new concept mask sheet is made of beech tree charcoal, which is known as golden charcoal due to its high quality. It provides
Process of producing black charcoal fabric (Black charcoal sheet does not bleed)
2-1 Oxygen radiance type: For hydro-radiant bright skin Oxygen therapy mask brightens and moisturizes skin by providing oxygen to skin through specially oxygenated water

2-2 Sparkling clear type: For smooth porcelain skin. Carbonated Bubble Therapy Mask provides a massage effect, removing impurities and dead skin cells from pores by forming micro bubbles on the skin
Importance of oxygen to skin: Assists skin to breathe, discharge toxins, and prevents the evaporation of moisture
Carbonated water from Chojeong-ri village : Dissolved carbonic acid in Chojeong Mineral Water, which has been used to treat skin diseases since ancient days Cararbonated water : Carbonic Acid extracts dirt and removes sebum from pores.

How to Use__
When carbonated bubbles appear after applying the sheet mask to the skin, remove the mask and fully massage skin with the remaining bubbles. Wash off with lukewarm water.

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