[ETUDE HOUSE] Rosy Tint Lips, Lip Tint



With a tinge of red, she blossoms like a rose in full bloom. The story of her and the rose and rose...... This velvet type tint lips comes with a soft delicate texture and rich color to express lips of a rosy petal. info Directions Rosy Tint Lips by Etude House Detail Use Lip Tint Vol 7 g Tip 1. Delicate petal bloom lip gradation: Dab a certain amount onto center of upper and lower lips and use tip to evenly spread. Tip 2. Rose in full bloom lip cover: Smoothly glide onto lips, starting from inner to outer direction. Tip 3. Soft petal cheeks: Dispense a certain amount and dab lightly onto both cheeks, blending quickly with fingers. Tip 1 ??/p; Tip 2 ?_____

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