[ETUDE HOUSE] Pure Water Baobab Mild Lotion Spf30 PA++

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A daily mild lotion that delivers non-sticky and lightweight texture with UV protection - UV Protection ; Brightening: Applied lightly and smoothly to deliver fresh and bright skin with UV protecting function. - Hydrating dry skin: Containing Baobab water and Moringa seeds to protect skin from environmental pollutants or UV and relax tired skin by moisturizing. The story of Baobab tree - Containing full of moisture: It contains max 120,000 liters of moisture which is 79% of its whole body which is useful to overcome drought in Africa. - The tree of life: It has a lifespan of 1,000 years and broadly known as a symbol of life and positivity. - Secred ; Essencial in Africa: Because of its enormous size and various usage, it is recognized as a secred existence and used for home remedy in Africa. The story of Moringa tree - Purifying effect: The seed from Moringa tree has excellent purifying effect and it has been used to purify water in Sudan. - Various benefits: Its leaves, stem, fruit, and oill have moisturizing and relaxing effect and it is used for home remedy by natives.

Size: 3.04 oz / 90ml

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