[ETUDE HOUSE] Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring New



#1 Hair Dye 30ml, #2 Oxidizer 60g, #3 Treatment 10ml, #4 Glove and Vinyl gown included Easy ; perfect hair dyeing like shampoo! Micro Bubble Booster techonology creates fine bubble to wrapped every hair and corner. Ammonia-Free. Instead of strong scent, floral scent makes feel better.


BK01 Deep Black, BR03 Dark Chocolate Tone Down, BR05 Dark Brown, BR08 Natural Brown, RD05 Cherry Brown, RD06 Wine Red, OR08 Sweet Orange, GR07 Khaki Brown

Size: 100g

[How to Use]

1. Pour content of #1(30ml) into #2(60g) and shake well. 2. Pump to get foam 3. Apply foam from top to the edge of hair 4. Apply evenly then wash off after 20~40 minutes 5. Finish with #3(Treatment)

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