[ETUDE HOUSE] Help My Nail Finger Nail Tip Kit

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[ETUDE HOUSE] Help My Nail Finger Nail Tip Kit

Size: 10g

No Glue Needed!
The nail tip kit in convenient sticker type helps lengthen nails easily without damaging them.

How to apply

_Step 1. Attaching
Remove oil and moisture from the surface of the nails with alcohol-soaked cotton ball.
Select a suitable size for your nails and remove the protective film on the back side.
Align it with the cuticle line, attach closely on the nail in a pushing motion from the center, and press for 3-5 seconds.
If needed, tidy up the end part with the mini file that comes with the product as a finishing touch.

Step 2. Art Play
Play with nail art freely on the tips of the nails. Apply the base coat and express your desired art with general nail color, gel nail color, glitter & pearl, and nail sticker.
After expressing art, apply top coat as a finishing touch.
* After attachment, avoid contact with water for 30 minutes to ensure adherence. To increase sustaining power, press the nails often within 60 minutes of attachment.

_Step 3. Removing
Soak a cotton swab in acetone and apply on the cuticle line where the nail tip is attached to allow the acetone to penetrate.
After acetone is absorbed into the gap, gently remove the tip and apply cuticle oil or serum on the nail as a finishing touch.

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