[COSRX] Honey Ceramide Eye Cream



[COSRX] Honey Ceramide Eye Cream

Size: 30ml

Adenosine improves skin elasticity around eyes. Saturated honey
and ceramide moisturizes skin around eyes and vitalizes eye rims.
High moisturizing, elasticity-enhancing eye cream.

1. High moisturizing honey and ceramide enhance skin
elasticity and vitalize skins around the eye.
2. Ceramide works as barricade so it prevents moist loss.
3. Manuka honey contains not only natural AHA which work
as keratin remover, but also mineral, sugar, and protein.
4. Cream type.


[How to use]

1. At the last step of skin care, apply appropriate
amount around your eyes and spread thoroughly.
2. Massage with tip of finger for absorption.

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