[CLIO] Tinted Tatto Kill Brow


Brand CLIO

All Kill Brow' helps make your brow coloring, waterproof and thick. It's Dual Type composed of a semi tattoo eyebrow pen and a waterproof eyebrow mascara.


Earth Brown, Soft Brown

Size: Pen : 2.5g, Brow Mascara : 4.5g

[How to Use]

1. Tatto Pen : - Use it for tattoo effect : After cleansing make up and before skin care, draw eyebrow shape you want. It tan your eyebrow skin like tatto during sleep.(about 8HR), so you can find your ideal shape brow even after cleansing. Use it 2~3days straight, tatto effect maintains longer. -For MAke up : Use it like eyebrow pencil, make natural and fine eyebrow. 2. Eyebrow Mascara : Apply eyebrow mascara from outside to inside the eyebrow and brush to hold hairs in place.

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