[CLIO] Salon de Cara


Brand CLIO

Perfectly set salon volume inspired by salon tools such as volume powder, hair wax, perm chemicals. Waterproof film coats the lashes like a manicure for salon lash that does not run.

1. Roller Cara : For thin and boring lashes! Strong volume setting with 15mm cylindrical roller. Light and firm volume formation.

2. Roll Brush Cara : For droopy lashes! Stunning Curls with super fine roll brush. Super Curling with a lasting bounce in lashes

3. Hand Cara : For sparse and short lashes! Lash by lash extension with 228 bristles. Dramatic long lashes from 5mm length fiber.

Size: 8ml

[How to Use]

[Roller Cara]

  • Roll the brush at the root of the lash.
  • When the root area gains volume, push outward in a zig zag motion while rolling the brush

[Roll Brush Cara]

  • Press down on the lashes with the brush from above and pull back upwards.
  • Same for the bottom lashes, pull away at the lashes at a 90 degree angle in a zigzag motion.

[Hand Cara]

Dowse the brush well in mascara liquid. Root-middle, middle-end. Follow the lashes section by section with the fiber in a left to right motion and extend your lashes.

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