[banila co.] It Radiant CC Cushion Refill SPF35 PA++


Brand banila co.

No more oil-based cushion tha makes your face oily. 55% Water based CC cushion keeps your face soft and moist with whitening + anti-wrinkle + UV protection. 1. Corection- bright skin coverage for naturl silky skin. 2. Care- Water based formula moisturizes your face. 3. Finish- fixes your skin tone and it's used to fix make-up.


BE10 Light Beige, BP15 Pink Beige, BE20 Honey Beige

Size: 15g

[How to Use]

Refill of It Radiant CC Cushion Refill SPF35 PA++. Take a moderate amount of it with the puff and pat your face. Keep the cap closed when it is not in use, or the moisturizing agents may evaporate.

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