[ARITAUM] Fresh Power Essence Pouch Pack



[ARITAUM] Fresh Power Essence Pouch Pack

Size: 10ML

A sleeping pack / wash-off pack that provides fresh and vital complexion.

#01 Soothing: Sleeping pack. Contains aloe, tea tree and calendula extracts for skin soothing effect.

#02 Tightening: Wash Off pack. Removes black heads and sebum and gives pore care by white clay and mud. Cremay mud texture.

#03 Moisture: Sleeping pack. Intensive hydration care by hialuronic acid.

#04 Wrinkle: Sleeping pack. Provides rich nourishing care to dry skin with ceramide and kakao ingredients. Soft creamy texture gives wrinkle and firmming care.

#05 Whitening: Skin brightening sleeping pack. Contains berry complex, rice and vitamin.

#06 Peeling: Sleeping pack. Jelly texture contains apple ingredient and AHA for smooth skin care.

#07 Mugwort: Sleeping pack. Contains 200mg of mugwort to give vital and moisturizing energy.

#08 Honey: Sleeping pack with rich nourishments of honey 200mg.

#09 Collagen: This sleeping pack contains 20,000mg of collagen. Strengthens skin barrier for firmming care.

#10 Bamboo Charcoal: Mild peeling gel infused with 3000mg og bamboo charcoal ingredient.


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