[ARITAUM] Colorize Hair Bleach

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Size: 2ea (10g+300ml)

Hair protection ingredient is contained in this item.

So it decrease hair damage & make original hair color bleached brighter without smudge.

It is very convenient for you since it reduces the powder flying.

One more thing, Lanolin makes your hair soft & sleek.


# How to use

1st material ; powder 2nd material : lotion

1. The mixing ratio of 1st material powder & 2nd material lotion is 1 : 3.

Put the powder into plastic bottle & then mix it with brush putting lotion into that bottle gradually.

After that, Apply proper amount to your hair. ( be careful not to let your scalp be touched by that mixed liquid )

2. Wait for 10-20 minutes & rinse off your hair. Then shampoo in the end

A. According to your hair condition & the amount of spreading the mixed liquid & the level of bleaching you want , adjust the lead time.(for your reference, in case of damaged hair , the speed of bleaching of damaged hair is faster than it of normal hair)

B. In case of partial bleaching or powerful bleaching ( yellow - white), Cover the hair spread by that liquid with aluminum foil & make your hair dry with hot air of hair drier.

C. If you want to bleach all of your hair, the color of your hair is likely to be brighter & brighter by UVs as times goes by after bleaching your hair.

** In case of rebleaching,

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