[HERA] Cell Essence

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Brand HERA

Cell-Bio Fluid Sync is formulated with the principle of body fluid to deliver the all-day energy the skin needs. Body fluid is the water that makes up the human body. The milky-white body fluid is known as an essential element of healthy skin. It contains five secret codes that activate the skin ? minerals, amino acids, lipids, sugars and peptides, and HERA grafted Cell-Bio Fluid Sync, which mimics body fluid in cosmetics. Cell-Bio Fluid Sync is the most important technology found in HERA CELL ESSENCE, an innovation that helps make the skin clear and smooth. Amazing changes that CELL ESSENCE brings to the skin Women who experience daily how the five secret codes of Cell-Bio Fluid Sync contained in CELL ESSENCE make their skin clear and smooth seem almost enchanted with satisfaction.

Size: 150ml

[How to Use]

Cross the cotton pad between on the middle finger, shake the product 3-4 times and drench the pad in the product. 2.5ml is adequate for one use. Apply from inside, working along the skin texture, starting with prominent areas like the cheeks and forehead. Gently dab the skin to help it absorb the essence.

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